Goal: To have an online archiving 
       of the Blaan cultural heritage.


1. Inspire all Blaan generations to write an article featuring their forefathers, their parents/family, and their unique Blaan community.

2. Use the website to feature successful Blaan businessmen, performing artists, professionals, community development workers, and young achievers.

3. Use the website as a useful tool for us to educate our future generations, educate the non-tribal groups and end the stereotyping of the Blaan tribe.
4. Share photos for publication in the website e.g. featured Blaan folks, food, weaving, dance/cultural presentation, important places and natural resources in Blaan communities, cultural artifacts, crafts, tribal sports, etc.
5. Use the website to feature cultural performing arts group, original Blaan song compositions, Blaan chant (Malem); Blaan folklore and other Blaan related performances.
6. Use the website to promote Blaan handicrafts and other products for trading including medium and small business enterprise.
8. Use the website to advertise and promote community events, link existing online resources and for other Blaan cultural advocacies.

                              Get involved!  
             Send your suggestions, your Blaan story, photos and everything relevant to the Blaan cultural heritage via e-mail to

A website created for the Blaan indigenous peoples group of southern Mindanao, Philippines!

Do you know your Blaan heritage?

Are you tired of the Blaan stereotypes by non-tribal folks?

Where you ridiculed growing up because you belong to the Blaan tribe?

Are you proud of your Blaan heritage?

If you were born outside of the Philippines and either one of your parents is of the Blaan tribe...how well do you know your Blaan heritage?

Are you a Blaan living outside the Philippines and wanted to share your Blaan heritage?

THIS WEBSITE IS FOR YOU...a website wherein all of us of Blaan heritage can contribute in honoring our forefathers that went with our Lord Jesus Christ and our living Blaan folks, getting to know the common blood lines in us, reflecting the memories of our respective place of origin, featuring our common cultural bond as shown in our skills, artistry, craftsmanship, and creativity.

This website is for us and our next generations to learn.

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